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About Us

Who We Are

Keep Me Warm Doghouses, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3, not for profit organization that is comprised of a group of compassionate men and women who share in a love for dogs and their well being.  We are always on the “look out” for dogs in need of shelter, or an upgraded shelter whether they are in the backyards of private homes or in the yards of businesses where they are used as guard dogs. We advocate for dogs by using our gifts, talents, and abilities to bring about positive change in the lives of outdoor dogs.

NY winters are very cold and long.  We layer up, but still only spend short periods of time outdoors.  We take refuge in our warm homes, offices, etc. and we look forward to the warmer weather.  Our summers are shorter, but very hot.  We take refuge from the heat in our air conditioned homes and offices, or go to the beaches and pools to cool off while we enjoy the warm weather. For dogs living outdoors in their owners’ backyards, or in the yards of businesses, their lives aren’t as pleasant.  Many dogs either have no shelter to protect them from the extreme cold or heat, or their shelters are inadequate (made of plastic, not insulated, or falling apart from years of weathering effects).  Many people believe that dogs are fine outside because they have a “coat”, yet their “coat” is not enough to protect them from the elements.  In fact, the more popular dogs kept outdoors such as Pit bulls, Bulldogs, Dobermans, and Rottweilers have short hair coats which aren’t much protection at all.  If a dog is kept outside, he needs a good, sturdy, insulated house to protect him from the cold, snow, winds, rain and heat.  He requires proper shelter along with the basics of food, water, and exercise.  A dog chained outside all day, day in and day out lives a sad and lonely life.  Whether a dog is kept outside a home or business, as a pet or a guard dog, he deserves a clean, dry and warm home.  A home and a business are valued assets, the ones who protect them should be also.  This is why we exist, to meet a great need and to show that we value and care for man’s best friend.  If you do too, please help us to help them.  Thank you.