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The organizational purpose of the Elikplimi Impact The World Foundation Inc. Is to provide for the basic needs of both children and adults living in underserved areas of the world. Our Organization will also be matching interested volunteers and missionary servants with opportunities to get involved with projects they have mastered and that are of interest to them. Through the program and services provided by our organization we would like to make meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve while providing guidance to a path of self-sufficiency and also promote camaraderie. The corporation is organized exclusively for charitable religious, educational and humanitarian services including for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organization.

Field of Human endeavor are very wide and all-encompassing and we by ourselves are not able to operate in every one of these. For effect we limit our services to the fields of Health, Education and Humanitarian services and we team up with other groups of humans who are also motivated by the same spirit of services to others. Although their area of services may be different from our own; the results of this teaming up is such that together, we are able to cover many human activities.

Through the commitment of our educators we aim at collaborating with educational entities to provide school supplies and promotional aides to students from elementary to tertiary level. We will provide educational support and other assistance in the form of mentorship, substituting if permitted and extending guidance and counseling to these students as needed.

Our Healthcare team strives to partner with top-notch hospitals and healthcare centers to make available hospital supplies and medical equipment that are hard to come by, to be donated to help save lives in these underprivileged areas. In the process of time as legally allowed the members will serve as health coaches and organize healthcare fairs within the community and/or the facility, rendering expertise advise in the area of medicine if deemed necessary and acceptable by the beneficiary’s facility for the sole interest of the beneficiary and community.

Initial Project

We hope to raise funds to:

Establish Country Kitchens to provide free meal to those in need. We will aim to deliver one free meal per day to those in remote and inaccessible areas.

Develop community centers to provide shelter for the homeless and hawkers who sleep on street corners at night, exposing themselves and their babies to hostile and unsafe conditions. These centers will also serve as an infirmary or first aid provider for the mildly sick.

Future Programs

Our goal is to operate wherever our expertise and resources can take us; currently we have been granted non-profit status in the United States of America and Ghana, and we hope to obtain recognition in other countries of the world.

Our programs are designed to promote self-sufficiency so our dedicated volunteer and missionary workers will organize educational workshops, training sessions to impart knowledge on these citizens, with a primary focus on the volunteer’s specific area of skills, expertise and interest. The lessons taught will definitely be determined by the interest of the beneficiaries. We will also provide the opportunities on how to set them selves apart in pursuing their career goals; so we will conduct mock interviews to sharpen their skills, resume building, job training and self-assessment to determine their skills and passion. These hosted workshops will also to be directed towards health education; managing ones health and the health of the community.

We hope to initiate a wellness center to promote healthy living where the community will have the opportunity to exercise, check vital signs frequently, and assess their health and learn from our health coaches.

As the basic community necessities changes over times so will our services, in order to meet the needs of individual one at a time.